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When Do We Experience?

The Nobel Prize winning poet Louise Glück, in her poem “Nostos” writes: “We look at the world once, in childhood/The rest is memory.” Hyperbole, perhaps, but the point is stunningly valid: we do not look; we see only what we

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Reflections on the Revolution

The news has been full of analysis these days about the radical shift on the Supreme Court, and how it has been decades in the making. I don’t know that I have a lot to add, but I do have

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Samsara doesn’t love you back

I recently found a song running through my head, an old standard called, “Since I Fell for You.” There are several versions available on YouTube; my favorite is probably this one by Nina Simone, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGVoK1kTU0M. The link also gives the

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Searching Out Knowledge

I have been reading a new book by Roosevelt Montás called Rescuing Socrates. It’s about a program he has directed at Columbia University that requires all incoming first-year students to take a year-long course based on some variation of what

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